Phobos Undone – Prompt

Hello everyone! I have finally completed another prompt after taking my sweet time doing it. This is another one from fablesquill and it was a tough one, so I took my time. I hope you like it. Feel free to leave a comment or attempt the prompt yourself. “The first manned mission to Phobos, from the Martian perspective.” – I didn’t quite follow it precisely because I’m a rule breaker, but it was fun to say the least!

Have you ever done something so fantastic that the entire world recognized your effort? For me, that was going to be a given. I was responsible for the first manned mission to Phobos. I had spent the better part of my 20s trying to get people on board with the mission and to make sure there was funding, staff, materials, and that the project would go off without a hitch. It did; the planning was perfect, the crew was perfect, and the launch was perfect. Phobos Alpha (blame the publicity team) was my baby and I, sparing you all the boring details, was going to be heading it from start to finish.

That’s not what happened. Nothing went according to plan. Instead of telling the world that our crew had landed safely, I had to tell them something unbelievable: there was life on Mars. There was life on Mars and it was not impressed by our little mission. The first clue came a few months before the shuttle would reach Phobos. The crew sent up a warning beacon in the form of a signal coming from Mars. We were ecstatic that there might be sentient beings and what kind of doors that would open up. The only problem was the signal itself. It came from the Curiosity rover on Mars and it was a butchered signal that wasn’t designed by Curiosity itself. It was a series of numerical values that corresponded to text, which was incredible in and of itself. The text just said: ‘abandon ovum’.

By the time we had deciphered the message as text, the crew was a month away from Phobos and we got another message from Curiosity. ‘Alarm abandon ovum perish you’ popped up every few minutes. After studying the messages for a day or so, the crew’s intelligence officer put together the shape of Phobos and an egg, linking the phrase ovum to their mission. Somehow something on Mars had figured out we were going to Phobos and it was… threatening us? Some loose interpretation led the message to read: ‘Warning, abandon egg or you die’ and that was disconcerting at best. No attempts at communication back resulted in a different message. There was no instruction or action plan for this eventuality, so the crew took a vote. Scrub the mission based on an unverified and disturbing message from Mars or continue onward to Phobos. They chose to scrub the mission and we gave the green light within the hour. It was unfortunate that our radio partner could not detect that the course had shifted. It could only see that we were continuing forward, not knowing that we couldn’t just stop and turn around. It would’ve been easy enough had they landed, but that was out of the question now.

The plan had been to drop a smaller vessel onto Phobos and have the astronauts stay on it until it rotated back into a close enough position to launch back up to the main ship. It would’ve then continued on and looped around Mars, back toward Earth. Whatever was using Curiosity on Mars could not detect movement precisely and did not understand the trajectory we had originally planned, nor the changed one. It could only tell that we had not listened; that is at least my personal speculation considering the next message we received when they were mere days away from the loop. The old messages had stopped and it was a relief to the crew until the communications array chirped with simultaneous delivery of hundreds of messages. They all said variations of the same thing: ‘Expiry ascends’. Now, I could spend hours discussing the specific words they chose, but no one knew the true meaning. Sure, we all knew that it was a death sentence of one type or another, but the truth was more depressing and more… majestic than we could’ve fathomed.

The crew, fearing the worst, transmitted messages to their loved ones and to the people of Earth in case they were about to die. It was the second most painful day of my life, though I didn’t know it. The first came 11 days later when the crew transmitted visuals of Phobos, Deimos, and Mars in real time as they passed by. They were able to transmit the cracking of Phobos as chunks of the moon explosively jettisoned into space going far faster the 25 mph necessary to break its atmosphere. It was smaller pieces at first, but before long chunks bigger than cars were hurtling out and although none hit the ship, they gave rise to a bigger issue. As Phobos obliterated itself, it became clear why ovum had been used as the word for the moon. It had been a literal egg. The entire world watched as an unspeakable being was born and it was haunting. It had to be miles long and had tendrils that blinked in and out of existence. I cannot describe it, but you can watch the footage when it’s released so it would be needless to try. It pulled itself out of the husk of the moon and launched itself outward. It moved effortlessly through space. As it passed by the ship, one of the tendrils curled toward the ship and where it touched, the metal warped and dissolved. Within seconds the alarms were blaring and less than a minute later we lost all contact with the crew.

The world’s greatest discovery is its scariest by far and I don’t know where we will go from here. For now the creature, taking the name Phobos, will be tracked by astronomers all over the world. We are into a new and increasingly more dangerous era of space travel. Are we truly ready?

New Beginnings

Hello once again! I’ve gone through two busy seasons since I last posted and I will admit that I was afraid to come back and put myself out here. Thankfully for me, there are a lot of people who support my desire to write and have helped me get back on the horse.

I’ve decided that my first post back will be a short story. I had a good friend of mine [fablesquill] draft up a prompt for me and gave him my word that a post would be coming. Feel free to take your own stab at today’s prompt and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the prompt and piece! This will be written in one sitting with minimal editing so that I can practice on not being as much of a perfectionist. It’s important to challenge ourselves in different ways so that we don’t get so focused that we miss out on the world around us.


A woman goes to the estate sale of a mansion from a rich neighborhood in her town. She can’t afford much, but she finds a small statuette that she can spring for and takes a liking to. When she gets it home, she swears there’s a soft sound coming from somewhere inside it….


Whispering Willow

Sasha felt more tired than she had in weeks and this estate sale had been more hectic than she was anticipating. The event had been a wash until she found a pristine weeping willow statue hidden behind some books that were haphazardly stuffed on a rack. It didn’t have a price or item number on it at all, but when she brought up her concerns to the estate agent in charge of the event she received a shrug for her effort. They settled on a price of fifty dollars, which was all the money that Sasha had budgeted for the event so she left soon after.

When she got home, she set her new statuette on the dining room table and headed into her bedroom. The only thing she wanted to do more than sleep right now was to soak in a bath and read a book. It was going to be the start of her first relaxing weekend in a long time.

Having gotten settled into the bath and already on the second chapter of her book, Sasha didn’t hear the rustling right away. When she did finally notice, she waved it off as a neighbor or a car going down the street with music that was too loud. Those excuses did not hold up when the rustling turned to whispering and her indifference turned to fear. She carefully got up from the tub and wrapped a towel around herself before grabbing a pair of scissors from the counter. They were rather small and meant for trimming hair, but they would do in a pinch. She listened at the door, hearing nothing but whispers. There were no discernible words or voices and the whispers were so gentle and even that her fear started to fade. Maybe there was something rustling a curtain or a plastic bag being carried by a breeze from an open window.

She didn’t lower the scissors, but she did quietly open the door and sneak down the hall. The sounds lead her to the dining room where her statuette was sitting innocuously on the table. The cause of the sounds was immediately noticeable; the strands of metal leaves and branches were swaying gently back and forth, making a quiet metallic rustling. Seeing the metal strands waver back and forth from a nonexistent breeze caused the panic to slowly form in her gut. Despite the rising panic, she couldn’t look away from the branches and leaves twinkling back and forth.

Before she could even comprehend her own actions, she was standing right in front of the table, listening to the rustling and realizing that there were voices. She listened to them for hours, standing and swaying in time with the tree. She didn’t remember going to sleep, but woke up the next morning in bed and in her pajamas. She felt more rested than ever and decided she was going to skip work today. It was time to take a drive down the coast and really get back to her roots. She reasoned that she deserved it after working so hard of late.

Hours later, on her way down the coast, Sasha stopped at a little cafe to get lunch. The server kept giving her weird looks (probably for ordering soup in the middle of the day), but otherwise it was an uneventful lunch. She paid and left, smiling at the still concerned looking server. He must be stressed, she thought. She was driving over one of the many long bridges down the coast when she started hearing whispers. It’s just stress getting to me, she reasoned with herself, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs. “It’ll pass soon and I’ll get to enjoy a nice afternoon on the beach with a book in hand. Maybe I’ll even take a nap,” she said out loud. It was easier to talk over the whispering than to just ignore it.

There was a huge jolt and crash as her car went through the guardrail and over the side of the bridge. She plunged into the river below and as the car filled with water, she heard the whispers getting louder. She didn’t feel any fear or panic and just listened to the voices, swaying back and forth.

Go to sleep…… it’s just a dream…. relax little one…. sleep now……

She didn’t remember falling asleep, but she woke up the next morning in bed, completely dressed. It was a bit weird, but she felt more rested than ever and decided she was going to skip work and take a personal day. It was time to take a drive down the coast and really get back to her roots. Maybe she’d lay on the beach and read a book for a while.

She finished getting ready and headed out the door, not noticing that the small metal willow on her dining room table had started to sway.

Mattias & Jayne – Part Two!

As promised, here is the second half of my Mattias/Jayne interaction. I hope you like it and if there are things that you notice could be better, awesome! It’s good to write and practice on your own, but it can be helpful to see/analyze the good and bad in other peoples’ writing as well. Take a minute to see what sounded natural in the story and what didn’t. Why did those parts stand out to you? Remember, nothing is bad. It’s just a work in progress! Hopefully some of this helps/helped you somewhat. Now, before I type your ears off (that’s a weird phrase, but go with it) here’s my ink, nice and fresh:

The damn librarian was eyeing me again. She hated when I came in here and always found some reason to try and kick me out. Well that was not happening today. I’d kick up a fuss if she tried anything nasty today and she’d have to back down. I was so focused on her, I didn’t realize that some twerp was trying to talk to me. He looked like he had barely hit puberty and he was freakishly gangly. I rolled my eyes and turned up the volume on my headphones and tuned him out. I’d been playing Solitaire on the computer for maybe 3 minutes before he tried to get my attention again. He was persistent and I wanted to tell him off, but that would send the librarian swooping down. I didn’t need the hassle, so I cocked one headphone off my ear and gave him my best ‘what the hell do you want?’ face. He didn’t seem to notice and immediately launched into some long drawn out story. Halfway through I put my headphones back on and went back to my game. Thankfully, he got the hint that time and I was left in peace for the next few hours.

When he got up to leave, he turned to wave at me like we were friends or something. I just stared until he walked away. Some people really couldn’t help sticking their noses into other people’s business. It wasn’t like I was wearing a sign saying ‘Come talk to me!’ or anything. Damn. I felt a tap on my shoulder and whipped around. The kid was there again and took a step back out of surprise. Could he really not take a hint??

“What the hell do you want? I’m trying to mind my own business and you can’t stop bugging me for five minutes!” Even though I was getting aggressive, he didn’t bat an eye.

“In class today, we learned about the warning signs of depression and loneliness and you seemed like you showed a bunch of them, so I wanted to make sure you were okay. Lashing out is common,” he stated confidently. He was so proper, it was like he was reading out of a flipping textbook.

“Yeah, no. I’m not any of that crap. You did your good deed for the day; you get a gold star. Now, if you could be so kind as to go away, that’d be great.” He wouldn’t stop smiling and it was really starting to get on my nerves. He hadn’t budged, so I got out of my chair and loomed over him as best I could. “Look, I don’t know what else I can say, but you’re seriously starting to piss me off. Shove off before I make you,” I threatened. He needed to know I was serious. I wasn’t planning on shoving some kid who was half my age just because he was annoying, but it was tempting.

“How about you just tell me something that’s bothering you and we can talk through it?”

“Okay, fine. I’m frustrated by people who can’t stop pestering strangers and asking stupid questions. There was this one time, I was at the library and some kid wouldn’t leave me alone for hours and they never found his body. The end,” I finished pointedly. I could tell that he was getting uncomfortable, but he just sat there.

“That was a strange story. I don’t think you’re going to murder me though, so I’m not worried. You’re deflecting. That’s when someone avoids serious stuff by not being serious and changing the topic or avoiding questions.”

“Great. Awesome. You caught me. I guess I’ll deflect somewhere else now.” Before he could comment, I grabbed my bag off the floor and headed out toward the front of the library. It wasn’t worth it to get in a fight with some kid who wanted to play therapist. When I got outside, I realized it had started raining. There hadn’t been any news about rain, but that wasn’t surprising. The weather here majorly sucked. I sighed, thinking about if it would be better inside than out here, dealing with the rain. I heard someone behind me, clearing their throat. Even without turning, I knew who it was. He was holding out a small, folded up, yellow umbrella.

“I had an extra one in my bag. You never know, right?” He asked. The ridiculous grin was back and my desire to smack his face was also back. I grabbed it anyway. He was going to be annoying until I took it and I didn’t want to get soaked. Kids could be ridiculous sometimes….

And there you have it! Prompt – complete. Story time dance moves? Probably not, but we all know that I’ve got the moves. You don’t get to see them though, because this is not a vlog, but you can imagine it and that’s good enough right?

For the story, I wanted to write from both perspectives in depth, but I spent way too much time working out Jayne’s character development and didn’t develop Mattias as much as I could have. Jayne didn’t come naturally to me, so I kept writing from his side, hoping to get a good flow going. I think it turned out better than expected! Feel free to comment, critique, and ask questions. My next content post will be on Thursday for the weekend’s assignment, but I might try and sneak something in on Wednesday too.

If you guys did your stories, feel free to message me the answers to your questions or your interactions – I’d be happy to read them. For now, I’m off! See you Wednesday and/or Thursday!

Mattias & Jayne – Part One

Your first thought reading that title might have been “Why is this part one?” and if it was, good on you for catching that! Life has made my weekend a little more packed than I’d like and unfortunately, my writing suffered for it. It took me all weekend to come up with my character blurbs and they’re still a little rough. It’s still hard for me to write outside of my own personal style and mannerisms, so I probably tried too hard in a couple spots. That’s okay though – This whole experience is about making sure to practice and to have fun! With that out of the way, here are my two character summaries:


Light – Hearted, not too serious, happy. Resonant – introspective, intelligent, well spoken, knows what he wants. Charming – friendly, easily makes friends, knows what to say in most situations.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?

I like to sit on the back porch with a good novel and read for a couple of hours. If I’m outside, I like going for walks in the rain if I’m feeling active and stomp in the puddles like I used to as a kid. It’s the perfect weather for hot chocolate too! Inside or outside, that’s my drink of choice!

What is one weird or quirky thing about you?

I’ve never told someone that I hated them, because I don’t think I’ve ever felt hate before. I barely feel anger. I didn’t think that was strange when I was younger, but I’ve been told more than once that I’m too happy and it made me think about feelings a lot. I think it’s important to be introspective fairly often.

What was an event that shaped your life heavily?

When I was 11, over summer break, we found out that my younger brother had a lung disease that was pretty much incurable. It was incredibly hard on the whole family and the person who kept us all together was my brother. He would never let us see it when he was frightened. His humor was contagious and we spent more time smiling than crying because of him. It made me realize how important a good attitude was. I try and carry that attitude with me wherever I go.



Unequal – Prideful, unbalanced. Harsh – Overly aggressive, cold. Homeless – out of spite/pride/misguided sense of machismo.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?

I’d probably be at the library or a diner or something. I don’t wanna get soaked and the library lets you use those computers all day if you make a fuss. I don’t really care though.

What is one weird or quirky thing about you?

That’s a dumb question first off. If I had to answer though, I’d probably pick something about my desire to live without a house to shackle me down. The rolling stone gathers no moss, right? I like being free and people don’t get that.

What was an event that shaped your life heavily?

I don’t know. These questions are ridiculous. My dad’s ex used to flick her cigs at me when she got mad and she pushed me around a bit. Had to grow up quick in a dump like that. Is that touchy-feely enough for you? This is boring, so if we’re done….

Okay, so there you have it. I would say that trying to get into character was harder on Jayne’s questionnaire since he and I are less alike than Mattias. Also, I kept thinking of Jayne Cobb from Firefly and Serenity which didn’t make it any easier. If you’re a fan of the show and/or movie respectively, we’ll clearly get along. It didn’t help that the character in the show was pretty abrasive and harsh at times. It might help to use character references to base your character’s actions on. Observing someone act a certain way can help you write about it if you’re stuck. On the reverse of that, some could argue that it becomes a crutch if you never develop your own ability to make and interact with different types of characters so be wary! In the end, pick what works for you and make sure you’re comfortable with your characters.

I will be putting up part two – the interaction between Mattias and Jayne – tomorrow. As of right now, my plan is for it to be based around Mattias wanting to give Jayne some money and it not going as expected for either of them. I haven’t developed more than that, because I’ve been trying to practice impromptu writing instead of my normal “outline everything” mentality. This is being posted as of 12:06 on Monday morning so I was a tad bit of a liar when I said it would be posted on Sunday. I hope that as I iron the hiccups out in my routine, you all can bear with me! Thanks for being here and I’ll see you tomorrow…. ehhhh technically later today, but no one’s going to nitpick that right? Good, it’s settled then! Tomorrow it is!

It’s Thursday! Time for a Prompt!

Hello companions! I hope your week is wrapping up nicely and you’ve been feeling productive. If it makes you feel better about your various levels of productivity, I’ve had an iffy week – I just couldn’t get up the energy for a ‘gung ho kick butt’ kind of week. It’s important not to let that kind of stuff get you down and I have to remind myself of that fairly often. That aside, I want to introduce my next writing activity to you! I will be doing mine tomorrow or Saturday and WILL be posting it on Sunday. I’d say drumroll please, but who just carries around a big drum set just for this kind of setup? Now… I’ll have you know that joke was funnier in my head and after typing it, I cringed. However, we’re all friends here so I’m gonna leave it there for you to enjoy (you’re welcome). Moving right along to the rules!

  • Pick a random name [I used so shout out to them for being the first Google result. I went with first name only, but if you want to get full name-y, be my guest] – For me, it was Mattias.
  • Pick three adjectives [ is my google result – set the quantity to 3 instead of 12] – For me, they were light, resonant, and charming.
  • Thus far, I have created an individual named Mattias who is light, resonant, and charming (whatever that means). I’ve chosen to make this person male, but you can decide on their gender or nongender or even species if you enjoy animal or alien typed fantasy stories. (nudge, nudge – the point is to have fun, don’t forget!)
  • Ask this character these three (I was going to randomly generate those too, but I think you guys need a constant) questions:
    • What do you like to do on a rainy day?
    • What is one weird or quirky thing about you?
    • Pick one event that shaped your life heavily; what was it?
  • Make sure that each answer is at least a couple sentences. That is the brunt of the prompt. It seems simple at first, but you really need to try to understand the perspective of the person you are writing rather than your own. I know we often write from what we know, but it’s good to try and shift into other pairs of shoes. When answering these questions, answer them from the perspective of the character and try not to influence them from your own personal life as much as possible. This is their backstory we’re creating.
  • You can leave it there and pat yourself on the back for a job well done and I will be so happy and proud of you guys and I’d love to read some of your characters! ORRRRRRRR
  • You could play on hard mode and do it twice……. Having your characters meet in/at [INSERT YOUR CHOICE OF LOCATION HERE]. Write a one-page interaction between those two characters. This is harder since you have to be two separate people at the same time. You might already know how the conversation or interaction is going to go, but you can’t lead your characters too heavily. They have to be able to fall into a natural rhythm of their own. That doesn’t mean they have to be charming or get along – they can be awkward, angry, or just plain rude – but they shouldn’t be forced into a one-dimensional rapport just because it would be easy to do!

Now, I picked my first character in the course of explaining the instructions and I’m going to now pick a second one (I typed that and then went and made my selections hence the present tense): Jayne – unequal, harsh, homeless. I will be writing my answers to those three questions for both characters as well as a page-long interaction between them and I will post those on Sunday. This gives any of you fancy-pants readers out there a chance to do the same. Once again, feel free to comment or ask questions or message me with your submission. See you Sunday!

Three Word Wonders- Bear, Office, Page

Greetings everyone! This post is getting uploaded riding on the coattails of an enjoyable three day weekend (yay Labor day). I hope that you all had a great weekend and that you weren’t too upset that I hadn’t uploaded yet. If any of you wrote or started your stories this weekend, way to go! It’s always hard, but it’s worth it. If you want to share, I’d love to read some of them! As promised, here is mine:


As Theo stood outside the brawling circle, he thought about why he had agreed to this ridiculous plan. It would, without a doubt, get him killed. In a sense of wayward pride, he had agreed to serve as a Page to one of the knights in his region even though he was a few years past the age that they started training (13 to their 8). It hadn’t been his plan when he was forced to relocate to the Capital City, but it was happening and he needed to remember his place. His infernal pride was the only reason that he was up before the crack of dawn for the third day in a row, tired and bruised. His mentor, Lord Becker, knew that most knights trained pages in numerous arts, activities, and skills to round them out for an eventual graduation to squire and knight. His mentor also knew that most pages would be ahead of Theo in every regard, because of his age difference. Unfortunately, that training was not Lord Becker’s whim and so it did not happen.

If Theo had been given a choice of Lords to follow, Becker wouldn’t have been his first choice. He had a no-nonsense attitude that was jarring to say the least. He was known for his combat skills and not much else, but he was well-known and that mattered in this life. His trainees ended up fighting in Arenas more often then they ended up reaching knighthood, but he wasn’t breaking any rules so the Capital allowed it. Theo was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of a shrill whistle. The day’s training had begun…


*Six Years Later*


“I will never get used to this sight” Theo muttered quietly, looking up at the vaulted ceilings. The Palace of Capital City was one of the most intricately designed buildings in the entire Nation and many people came to the Capital just to see it. The ceiling stones were inlaid with flecks of metal that formed spiraling designs extending down the walls. His reason for being here, unfortunately, did not include gawking at the ceilings and soon he was called before the King.

Although he was busy, King Matheson took time to speak to all those who needed guidance from his Council. Most of these meetings took place in an ornate office to the side of the throne room so that participants may discuss their issues in private (or relative private considering that the King had a number of guards stationed with him to protect him from attack). Today’s meeting was held here before a small audience of Lords, Knights, and graduating members of the Knighthood. Theo would soon stand next to them as today was his Marking ceremony.

He walked forward to stand mere feet from his King, bowing as was customary, with his heart pounding. The King instructed Theo to kneel, starting the ceremony.  He had seen this ritual a dozen times before and could perform the rites in his sleep. Just as the King was about to begin his speech, a war horn sounded from far off. The soldiers and all but two knights ran to the main room, while the knights and knight-elect stayed behind to protect the King and Lords. Theo finally snapped out of his shock and turned, rising and drawing his sword in one motion. Before anyone could make it to the Palace doors, a dozen lightning bolts erupted from nothingness, arcing from person to person. Each person touched by the lightning vanished as if they had never been. The lightning bolts cracked out of existence without any more bodies to strike. The doors groaned as they swung inward.

Through the doors came six hulking men surrounding what Theo could only describe as a massive phantom bear. It had to be two to three times the size of a regular bear and was mostly see through with specks of light and swirling darkness intermittently flashing within it. The only comparable image that he could associate with it was the night sky, but even that could not hold a candle to the sight of roiling blackness within the creature. The men circled until they held the perimeter of the room between them. As they did this, the bear lumbered forward until it reached the center of the throne room. A deep echoing laugh rose up from within the creature, followed by a low voice.

As men fall before me and your world falters, would you draw steel across me? You protect avarice and pride, wrath and gluttony. Why not change the fates instead of falling before them?

No one else seemed to react and, with a jolt, Theo realized he was the only one who could hear the voice. He turned and looked at those behind him. He could see that everyone looked afraid, even the knights guarding the King. Why had he heard the voice when no one else had?

You are the only uncorrupted mind in this wretched hive. You believe as no one else believes. I would have you stand beside me instead of falling with the rest. You, as all the others I deem worthy, have a choice. Only six have chosen to follow me out of all the pure-hearted. Would you be my seventh son?

Without realizing it, Theo had wandered from the office, sword hanging limply from his hand. The voice was so powerful that he could not resist the urge to get closer. As he stared up at this great beast, he pondered the words. He had sworn loyalty to both his Lord and King until death took him to the Beyond. Would he break that oath for a phantom? Could he break that oath? As he pondered this, he stared into the swirling darkness before him. He could see himself in those stars, strong and immortal. He realized what power he would be given if he stood beside this phantom-god. Almost as quickly, the images faded.

“I must decline”, Theo declared loudly. Tightening his grip, he raised his sword and began speaking the rites of Knighthood under his King. “I swear to follow my King through this life and into the next and I sw-”

YOUR OATH IS SETTLED! The bear swung its paw, straight through him. Looking down, he saw where the bear had touched, his body was crumbling. Instead of pain, he felt relief. As his body fell, he heard a small whisper in his mind, just before he faded completely.


A hard choice, and yet the right one. I will see you soon young one.


I hope you all enjoyed my story. I was trying to keep it short since my writing tends to take a turn for the long if I let myself run away with a story. I didn’t have a plan when I sat down to write it, so my plot formed as I went along and I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to end until I got there. This was an uncomfortable experience for me since I usually write with an outline, but it was good practice and I’m thinking I should do more of these.

If you have any critiques, questions, or comments, just let me know! Any advice you want to give, would be received happily and any advice you’d like from me will be imparted just as happily. I will have another post up on Thursday. That one will be the setup for this weekend’s writing and some musings. Stay well everyone!