Grass, Tea, Birds – Theme: Competition

Rules: 3 random words & a random theme to tie them together. 15 minutes without edits. 5 minutes to brainstorm before writing. The buzzer sounded as a warning and my sweaty palms seemed to get worse by the second. Every time the basketball touched my hands, I felt a jolt of lightning course through me … Continue reading Grass, Tea, Birds – Theme: Competition


Pineapple, Pillow, Lamp – 3WP

Prompt Rules: 3 Random words, 15 minutes, no brainstorm/no editing I've fulfilled an impossible bet today. It wasn't even something I had to really do. You might be wondering how I could be so sure and I'd probably laugh and give you a stock answer about gut feelings because I didn't want to tell you … Continue reading Pineapple, Pillow, Lamp – 3WP

Pinecone, Copper, Song – Three Word Prompt

Prompt requirements: Random 3-word selection, no brainstorm time, 30 minutes to write, no editing during or after allowed. Valon stared blankly at his smashed lute, helplessness crowding his thoughts. That lute was his only possession and the only thing that helped him make enough money to eat. He’d had powerful aspirations of fame and glory … Continue reading Pinecone, Copper, Song – Three Word Prompt

Consistency is Important!

As the title says - consistency is your friend. I even capitalized important so that you know I mean business. For example, I consistently post late and that makes me dependable! (We all know I'm just calling myself out because I feel bad) In all seriousness though, it's important to keep up your writing with … Continue reading Consistency is Important!

Mattias & Jayne – Part Two!

As promised, here is the second half of my Mattias/Jayne interaction. I hope you like it and if there are things that you notice could be better, awesome! It's good to write and practice on your own, but it can be helpful to see/analyze the good and bad in other peoples' writing as well. Take … Continue reading Mattias & Jayne – Part Two!

Mattias & Jayne – Part One

Your first thought reading that title might have been "Why is this part one?" and if it was, good on you for catching that! Life has made my weekend a little more packed than I'd like and unfortunately, my writing suffered for it. It took me all weekend to come up with my character blurbs … Continue reading Mattias & Jayne – Part One

It’s Thursday! Time for a Prompt!

Hello companions! I hope your week is wrapping up nicely and you’ve been feeling productive. If it makes you feel better about your various levels of productivity, I’ve had an iffy week – I just couldn’t get up the energy for a ‘gung ho kick butt’ kind of week. It’s important not to let that … Continue reading It’s Thursday! Time for a Prompt!