Consistency is Important!

As the title says – consistency is your friend. I even capitalized important so that you know I mean business. For example, I consistently post late and that makes me dependable! (We all know I’m just calling myself out because I feel bad) In all seriousness though, it’s important to keep up your writing with a schedule where you’ve carved out a writing block. It will help you to write where normally time might get away from you. It’s also a habit forming experience and it will become easier to set aside that time and get your creative juices flowing (suuuuch a weird phrase)!

I’ve been trying to set up a schedule for this blog for that very reason; sometimes I’m not feeling creative or productive, but as long as I’m making the attempt, I’m moving in a positive direction. I know it won’t always feel fun or like you’ve made much progress, but it will get better! Since I know you agree that consistency for your writing is important, I’ve volunteered you for a bonus homework assignment: Look at your weekly schedule if you have one or think about your general busy times/breaks. Find a window that you can consistently commit to and set that aside for writing. It can be  15 minutes to an hour to more if you want it. Start small if an hour feels like a nightmare. Heck, you don’t need to write more than a paragraph or outline something that you want to write next time. It’s about taking baby steps and then toddler steps and then finally… DINOSAUR STEPS! Won’t that feel great?

As I’ve been writing on this blog, I’ve been trying to find a system that works for me. Most of the time, I’ve ended up writing on my lunch break at work and then scrambling to edit and finish when I get home at night, but as we can all see, that hasn’t worked out in my favor. That means that I’ll need to readjust, but I’m slowly finding a time that works for me. Take that to heart – it doesn’t have to be an instantaneous perfect fit. Maybe the time block works, but you just never feel motivated during that time. It’s your own personal little Goldilocks situation. Enjoy the process if you can!


As a thank-you for your never-ending patience, and at the request of one reader, I’m going to be writing a version of my last short story (Mattias & Jayne) from Mattias’ perspective on top of my weekend assignment this week (I’m hoping to get that done today – fingers crossed). If you took a stab at that prompt and also think your interaction was one-sided, feel free to do the same!

You now have two small assignments to do if you’d like and if you have the time. To follow that up, I have the actual writing assignment I have planned for this weekend:

Animate an object! You could use a random object generator (I swear the internet has a random generator for everything) or you could just pick an object at random that inspires you to write about it. I have a stapler at work that I use every day; maybe I’ll write about how he thinks that I use way too many staples and should switch to paper clips. He gets a break and I do more for the environment; it’s a win-win situation. Maybe he even has a lisp, because there’s nothing cuter than an animated stapler with a lisp. There are no rules other than the object has to be a non-sentient object that is now alive and it has to have an opinion about something it was/is used for. If you want to share yours, I’d be happy to read them! There’s no page limit, but if you want a guideline, I plan on making mine about a page long.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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