Mattias & Jayne – Part One

Your first thought reading that title might have been “Why is this part one?” and if it was, good on you for catching that! Life has made my weekend a little more packed than I’d like and unfortunately, my writing suffered for it. It took me all weekend to come up with my character blurbs and they’re still a little rough. It’s still hard for me to write outside of my own personal style and mannerisms, so I probably tried too hard in a couple spots. That’s okay though – This whole experience is about making sure to practice and to have fun! With that out of the way, here are my two character summaries:


Light – Hearted, not too serious, happy. Resonant – introspective, intelligent, well spoken, knows what he wants. Charming – friendly, easily makes friends, knows what to say in most situations.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?

I like to sit on the back porch with a good novel and read for a couple of hours. If I’m outside, I like going for walks in the rain if I’m feeling active and stomp in the puddles like I used to as a kid. It’s the perfect weather for hot chocolate too! Inside or outside, that’s my drink of choice!

What is one weird or quirky thing about you?

I’ve never told someone that I hated them, because I don’t think I’ve ever felt hate before. I barely feel anger. I didn’t think that was strange when I was younger, but I’ve been told more than once that I’m too happy and it made me think about feelings a lot. I think it’s important to be introspective fairly often.

What was an event that shaped your life heavily?

When I was 11, over summer break, we found out that my younger brother had a lung disease that was pretty much incurable. It was incredibly hard on the whole family and the person who kept us all together was my brother. He would never let us see it when he was frightened. His humor was contagious and we spent more time smiling than crying because of him. It made me realize how important a good attitude was. I try and carry that attitude with me wherever I go.



Unequal – Prideful, unbalanced. Harsh – Overly aggressive, cold. Homeless – out of spite/pride/misguided sense of machismo.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?

I’d probably be at the library or a diner or something. I don’t wanna get soaked and the library lets you use those computers all day if you make a fuss. I don’t really care though.

What is one weird or quirky thing about you?

That’s a dumb question first off. If I had to answer though, I’d probably pick something about my desire to live without a house to shackle me down. The rolling stone gathers no moss, right? I like being free and people don’t get that.

What was an event that shaped your life heavily?

I don’t know. These questions are ridiculous. My dad’s ex used to flick her cigs at me when she got mad and she pushed me around a bit. Had to grow up quick in a dump like that. Is that touchy-feely enough for you? This is boring, so if we’re done….

Okay, so there you have it. I would say that trying to get into character was harder on Jayne’s questionnaire since he and I are less alike than Mattias. Also, I kept thinking of Jayne Cobb from Firefly and Serenity which didn’t make it any easier. If you’re a fan of the show and/or movie respectively, we’ll clearly get along. It didn’t help that the character in the show was pretty abrasive and harsh at times. It might help to use character references to base your character’s actions on. Observing someone act a certain way can help you write about it if you’re stuck. On the reverse of that, some could argue that it becomes a crutch if you never develop your own ability to make and interact with different types of characters so be wary! In the end, pick what works for you and make sure you’re comfortable with your characters.

I will be putting up part two – the interaction between Mattias and Jayne – tomorrow. As of right now, my plan is for it to be based around Mattias wanting to give Jayne some money and it not going as expected for either of them. I haven’t developed more than that, because I’ve been trying to practice impromptu writing instead of my normal “outline everything” mentality. This is being posted as of 12:06 on Monday morning so I was a tad bit of a liar when I said it would be posted on Sunday. I hope that as I iron the hiccups out in my routine, you all can bear with me! Thanks for being here and I’ll see you tomorrow…. ehhhh technically later today, but no one’s going to nitpick that right? Good, it’s settled then! Tomorrow it is!

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