Busy Season & Content!

In my world, work is cyclical in nature – busy during spring and fall and slow during winter and summer. For me, that means it’s hardest to get writing done and to make progress in my hobbies in my favorite seasons (which we’re currently heading into). That’s always been a struggle for me and I want to do better, so I’m writing this to show people that A) everyone struggles with their projects once in a while and B) it’s possible to get through it even when it doesn’t feel like it. I’m honestly still in the doubting B mindset, but that’s anxiety brain for you! So, this weekend I am going to be posting my first CONTENT POST – woot – for the world to see. It is going to be a short story that I haven’t developed at all. I used a random word generator pick three nouns that need to be involved in the story somehow (I used WordCounter for this process, so tiny shout out to them here) and I’m going to write the story with these rules in mind:

  • It has to be written in one sitting.
  • It has to use all three nouns in a reasonable and fairly important way.
  • I’m allowed one hour to edit and revise after the ‘one sitting’ so that my brain can see it fresh, but I’m not allowed to drastically change content – only edit.
  • I will not cherry-pick words from the generator, but if I think a word makes absolutely no impact, it’s alright to re-roll or interpret it differently. For example, I got the word page. I could either have re-rolled or decided to interpreted it the individual title page (as in a novice knight) instead of page of a book which generally wouldn’t impact a story much. I picked the latter in this case, but you shouldn’t feel trapped with a terrible word. This is supposed to be a fun experiment.

With those being listed, I am posting the three words below so anyone who wants to also take part now or in the future can see what story they come up with. No matter how raw or rough they feel, be proud of the projects you make. Not everything needs to be perfect to be important or wonderful! Good luck to all of you (at this moment that’s just me, but I’m writing to the future readers who find this fossil of my mind)!

My three words: Bear, Office, Page

See you this weekend!

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